Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Pivotal Question

Yesterday, Ben and I shopped at a local grocery store and babbled about things in life. I'm telling you, guys, the carts in the grocery stores here in Manhattan will make the suburbanites look at in amazement -- it is tiny enough to be a child's plaything! It is ridiculous at times, though.

Ben mentioned a good question -- why did the captions has CC2 or TXT1 whereas we never used it anyday, anyhow and anywhere. Why did it add up? Ben has a good point.

Anyone know why we have to have CC2, CC3 or CC4? What's wrong with only one, CC?

Also, the TV companies need to put the captions CC1 automatically, not fuckin' TXT1. I'm sick of going to places and had to tell the bartenders and/or waitresses to give me the remote control to adjust so that I can watch the TV with the captions.

Hey, you fuckers, when you manufacture the TV, insert CC first, not TXT1!


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