Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New Year's Eve?

Some people asked me what I'll do for New Year's Eve? Of course, I'll partyin'. But not in New York City.

After experiencing the Triple XXX Party at The Hole last year, I do not think I want to undergo another wild party ever in a long time. It was nice to make out with a recurring actor on a television program last year and all that stuff that happened in The Hole. But frankly, I'm 31! I'm not 40! I'm not 21!

A friend invited me to spend the time with him and his friends ... in Norristown. A town outside of Philadelphia. Of course, on Thursday night, I'll hook up on NJ TRANSIT and head down to Trenton, NJ then switch to SEPTA to Philadelphia's 30th Street Station and switch to some train en route to Norristown. Or Jason will pick me up in Trenton or Philadelphia. Or whatever.

But one thing that guaranteed the most is that I'll have a good time -- but I also will relax a lot.


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