Friday, December 03, 2004

More Hypocrisy

The cycle of violence shall continue in the Middle East. A new batch of photos were surfaced with NAVY SEALs abusing and degrading the detainees. Good job, soldiers. Such a heroic behavior!

It is awesome that these so-called heroic soldiers are continuing to degrade the Iraqis to a point where they will resent us -- these will be the downfall of ours.

More dead American soldiers will occur. Then we can call them our heroes.

Republicans adopted the pro-family values, pro-Morals and vigorously attacked Democrats for supporting the gay rights, including gay marriage. Meanwhile, Hustler Magazine has reported that they sent an undercover reporter during the Republicans National Convention and uncovered a great deal of debauchery that contradicts the philosophical beliefs of conservatives and Republicans.

GW Bush's family has morals, yeah, TRUE BIZ! They are role models for us to cringe at.

Republican Senator David Dreier is well-protected by special interests in California, despite the fact that he probably committed several unethical standards. Where is the outcry?

As you can see, I prefer to be liberal. Why? Because at least, I'm being honest and open about it. Conservatives and Republicans seem to hide their immoral behavior but preach that they are for family values.

Says a lot about 'em, though.


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