Monday, November 08, 2004

Only One Day Left To Be 30

By tomorrow, my 30th year of existence will come to an end. Then I shall enter the 31st year of existence. From day one, my life is nothing but interesting. No, I will not trade my dick for anyone else's. Judging on some guys' pleasure and orgasm, I think my dick did a good job. I'd like to get rid of my beer belly. One guy said that he loved it because it is softer than most guys who has one. Ugh.

I talked with my parents online last night for few minutes, via Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS). SVRS is absolutely cool. Dad lost 40 pounds! Mom lost 26 pounds! I told Mom last June that if she refused to lose some pounds, she may as well as expect her children to pool some money to purchase the piano-sized coffin for her to sleep in. I guess she got the message. That is great, I'm glad they are getting it altogether and do something about it. It is odd to see Mom talking about which food she needs to eat and not to eat. But that is great, though.

On other hand, I decided to list the Top 5 Hottest Bloggers enough to make my head spin. That person does not have to have a good looking guy but his charming skills has to play a huge role in this.

1. Shane of Happily Stuck in Ithaca -- Shane is simply the perfect gentleman.
2. Billy of Wet Dreaming -- Very sexy, very naughty boy at times but you cannot hate him.
3. Jason of JasonLamberton -- Very fierce, stubborn; a trait I always had weak legs for.
4. Aarie of HushStorm -- Just goofy at times made me roll my eyes and smile a little.
5. That Mysterious Guy of CertainDisaster -- I wanted to see what his eyes looked like, he declined. That, by itself, is mysterious enough to be charming!



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