Thursday, November 04, 2004

So The People Has Spoken

So the people has spoken. The election, perpetuated by the Republicans' rhetoric of hate, divisiveness and fear, has put us into quagmire for the next four years, and possibly the next 40 years.

Jeff and Amy Kurz, I certainly hope that either of your children will be gay so that you'll taste of your own medicine. Your comments about "the tribes has spoken" is childish and pitiful. I really hope that your kids will be gay so that they will come to their parents that they cannot get the equal rights because you voted for a guy and his group that waged the wars against gay people. If I was a lunatic born-again Christian, I would curse you to have a gay kid. But I do not do that, I just hope you will have them.

That goes the same for Jason Lamberton -- I hope someone in his family will be gay, preferrably that his kids are so that he'll see what I meant all along. Same goes for Elisa.

Since Bush is going to serve the next four years of corruptive, arrogant and disastrous policies, he surely will bring his right-wing, anti-gay judges to the Supreme Court to replace these four conservative judges. To me, that means what? My citizenship has been relegated to second-class citizenship.

For that, Amy, you are not my friend -- unlike you, I want to be independent and deserved the equal rights. Unlike you, I will not depend on 2-year old child to interpret for me. I will keep my head high and fight for my rights even if it seems to be hard and struggle because you people live in fear, doubt and divisiveness. Unlike you, you live off on your children and Jeff's supremacy to lead you around. To me, that is so you.

When Bush spoke for the unity in the name of our country, I laughed. He and his party already drove the wedge deeper than ever in the name of fear and hate that polarized and divided the country, it is mind-boggling for anyone to put the elections behind and say, "Let's unite!"

Well, fuck you.

You do not do that to your friends or families like that. Millions of people were hurt by the vileful comments by false comments like, "Bibles will be banned, but gay marriages will be allowed" booklets. You cannot be my friend if you polarized and divided people based on gay stuff then tell me, "good game". You do not do that. It is beyond despicable actions that I cannot approve of.

I cannot tolerate or forgive people who do that. People who do that is not my real friend. They deserved to be shot.


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