Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I Voted and I Wanted The Jockstrap!

I voted.

I was surprised to read an article that it is possible Yasser Arafat's illness was the AIDS virus. The article also mentioned that he was involved in orgies with his bodyguards in Romania. Wow.

On another subject ... I gotta confess something.

Once upon a time as a teenager, my father told me that I have to protect my "penis" with a jockstrap whenever I played the sports. I despised the empty feeling of my ass when I put the basketball shorts on. And I despised the straps right below the ass -- when you run up and down the court, it rolls into very uncomfortable position where you'd have to pluck ur shorts trying to unroll it. That was very embarassing for self-conscious teenager, trying to play the game on the court in front of some crowds and be discreet enough not to get a snicker out of the crowds when I pulled the strap to unroll. But that was then.

This is now. These days, I seemed to stumble on lots of men wearing jockstraps. I saw some at some bars, clubs, magazines and movies ... oh, yeah, some porn stuff. For some reasons, the jockstraps are starting to turn me on. It is easy to bam from behind and be done with it. I started to see the erotic part of jockstraps that I never had during my youth -- I guess that has to be good.

Now I want to buy one -- but not at this moment, I want to lose some pounds first then "jockstrap" on myself somehow to see if I like it or not. Yeah, that is the plan.


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