Friday, November 26, 2004

Sometimes Men Baffled Me ... !

Today I was evil. Filled myself with delicious food distributed by Sarah and her friends in Hell's Kitchen was magnificent. I said a simple grace that I hope everyone else in the room will get laid eventually.

And I got laid today.

But not without a story, of course. Often, Deaf people stared at me with bewilderment when I touch the taboo issue (i.e. S-E-X), gay men stared at me with plenty of glees and snickers, my friends stared at me with "what else is new with you, you bitch?"

But that is me. When I was a kid, I watched Dr. Ruth on some cable show. Yes, I was mesmerized and learned a lot.

However, I posted a request on a particular website then I got several offers. I courted several offers and chose the suitable one. Went to his home. He was in his early 40s, 5'7, solid and muscular body, bit of salt & pepper hairdo ... everything was nice about him. Cute, laid-back, blah, blah, blah. But I noticed something odd. The portaits were pulled down. You can see the line of dust on the wall when you snatched a portrait off. There were some portraits covered on the shelves. I had a suspicion but I'm horny, so sue me.

Back to the procession of sexual activity, he feasted upon my cock but he sucked roughly. The way I like it. He pulled my hand on his head, he stared at me and insisted me that I play rough with him as well as he goes down on my cock. I obliged.

Shortly, we were down to the main course of the play, putting the condom on my cock for the final showdown. It was fun. When I am done with it and everything, that man was great, simply put. He also was greedy in bed, suffice to say. Acted like my cock was his plaything. Sometimes I liked that, sometimes it annoyed me because he's pulling my stick as if I was not there. That can sting a little, man.

Shortly, he said that I need to get ready and head out because in 30 minutes, "My wife will be home from work."

Oh, great. Another married man on the list. What an accomplishment, considering the fact that I did not bottom for this married man. He was the one who was hungry for my cock.


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