Saturday, November 27, 2004

McKinney & Henderson

Last night, I watched the hour-long of 20/20 Newsmagazine show on ABC-TV, despite the fact that lots of Gay people urged us to boycott by not watching the program at a specific time.

Aaron McKinney & Russell Henderson

When Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were arrested for the murder of Matthew Shepard, I was mesmerized not with Shepard but with McKinney's ... *drumroll* dumbo ears. It looked so fuckin' cute on him! I also sensed the vulnerability of Aaron McKinney by staring at his eyes. He was scared, confused and bewildered. And probably struggled to deal with the internalized homophobia.

Turns out that I was right when one guy on 20/20 bluntly said that Aaron had a threesome (2 guys and 1 gal) and the reporter asked him how did he know? The guy said, "Because I was in it with Aaron. He was so into it."

Russell, I thought he was cute, too. But judging on his behavior, he is too straight-laced type for any gay guys to bang him down. But McKinney, I always thought to myself, "What a loss for me and others ... "

This is in no way to offend or insult Matthew Shepard. Shepard seemed to be genuine, sweet and caring person. But he was also a pretty boi which does not excite me at all, sexually speaking. In other words, Shepard was a twink. My friends knew that I cringed at that group. Shepard may be unique person.

But ... Aaron McKinney was cute. So was Russell. But it seemed to me that the prison has fed 'em very ... well, after seeing them talking about what happened in Laramie, Wyoming.

Russell ain't cute any longer. Aaron? Hard to say, his feelings seemed to be hardened these days, I reckon.

Here are the updated pics of Russell & Aaron. Your tax fed them very well, no question about it. Feed them with starch to kill 'em? Only time will tell.

Now Fatter Russell and Bigger Aaron


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