Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tensions, Tensions and The World

Tonight, I walked to a local restaurant where Chris worked to take a chicken soup because my body is aching like Hell. Chris never ceased to flirt me from the first time I entered the premise. Today, when I tipped him for his goofy service, he told me to put the dollar in his groin -- he said to pull his pants open and slid it in.

And I did.

Then I walked back to the office, I observed the faces of people walking past me -- I can see the tensions on their faces. This election is burning up in their faces. Reminded me of a quote I saw somewhere before, "Be careful with the match in the dark because you might lit an inferno!"

I understand that the world is also riveted by the United States election -- in the age of globalization -- billions of people across the world will be affected by the election in this country. A guy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates bemoaned that the American policies affected him, therefore he should have the right to vote as well. Same thing goes for a guy in Rome, Italy who said he feels that since the result affected him in many ways, he should have the right to vote. If the world participated, Bush would lose badly.

I'm going to watch the television and nurse my damned sore throat. If Bush wins, the saga continues. If Kerry wins, the nation is free of its tyrannical regime.


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