Saturday, November 06, 2004

Gay Marriage Nixed, What Next?

The State Board of Education in Texas just announced that they omitted the words like "gay", "partners", "contraceptives" or "unmarried couples" in the textbooks -- this forced the national publications that manufactured the textbooks to alter the wordings.

Gay marriage nixed by the religious nuts, now with this?! One official from Texas said that they nixed because they felt that gay people are suicidal, into drugs and unsafe sex. They do not see that suicide, drug abuse and depression were caused by the same people who oppressed against gays in the closet! Think about it! Oops, the religious nuts cannot think clearly. They follow the book. This right, this wrong. This right, this wrong. They cannot think on their own. They are just puppets.

And we have to deal and suffer for this bullshit. Now, the Bush Administration announced that they bring Dr. Hager, who is religious nuts and against the contraceptives in preventing unwanted pregnancies to run the FDA Board.

How great is this?

More X-ian nuts on the loose. They are dangerous than Osama bin Laden.

Thanks a lot, Bush supporters.

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