Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Moment of Lightning Strike with Nanc

This happened four years ago. Based on a true story. Not even that $1.29 slut also known as Lair Bitch can deny this at all.

"Meet me at Benson Hall Circle so I can give you my car keys for you to take it to the courthouse in Baltimore, ok?" Jake insisted, then added: "If I'm not there by 9 PM at BHC, please come to my apartment. Someone will let you in and come to my bedroom, I probably will be sleeping or something like that, ok?"

I nodded and thanked him.

Later on that evening, I waited. Waited. And waited.

I gave up and got in touch with Nanc and asked her to take me to Jake's apartment. She said she was in the area and will take me for the ride. I was grateful of her. I always loved her company. Her wisdom with life is beyond us all. Trust me.

Then I came to Jake's apartment, being naive. After what I encountered inside the apartment shook me up and left me speechless. As I walked out of the apartment, visibly shaken by what I had witnessed. Nanc saw my facial expressions. I could not utter a word or two.

Being an Irish woman, Nanc smiled and said, "You caught Jake in bed with another woman!"

I nodded and said, "How do you know?"

Nanc said, "Come on! I'm old enough to know what is going on -- your face says it all. Damn, men are just like that. C'mon, let's go to the bar and have a drink on me."

Off to the bar, we drank and talked about the situation that I walked in. Nanc's wisdom and perspectives on life soothed my shock, frustration, anger and resentment at that particular evening. It was unexpected thing to bust someone else, especially to know that my close friend was cheating on my best friend with that $1.29 slut-soon-to-leave-her-boobs-sagging-on-the-floor.

It was not the Election 2000 that shook me up, it was Jake-$1.29 Slut fiasco that pretty shook me up for a long time. Needless to say, Jake has been dead for the last two years. Even after the 2000 fiasco, Jake and I talked occasionally. But nothing was the same afterwards between me and the Lair Bitch. I cannot forgive her for what she did to me during his death. What she did was inappropriate in comparison with my nicknames for her. So I have no regrets in stamping the $1.29 Slut and the Lair Bitch on her, permanently.

Good riddance, Lair Bitch. And you will be always the $1.29 Slut and the Lair Bitch!!


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