Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Cold Is Sexy

Time to confess something. I love the cold. Not that blistering cold like the Arctic climate. Just cold enough to make you put a sweatshirt, sweater or a coat on. I love it 'cuz you get to hug someone to keep warm. Just to feel the cold stiff on my ears. And to feel it un-stiff when you step inside the building is exhilarating.

So essentially, cold is sexy.

Speaking of sexy, I'm baffled that among the Top News Stories was an article about Tennis player Serena Williams saying that Maria Shaparova is sexy. That is all. And the media made it a big deal. So what? It is silly.

And honestly, what do you think of this: Lusting for Jesus -- I personally think it's nuts.

Oh, I am amused when I stumbled on a comment by Amy Kurz who wrote that I'm "an out of control guy". I'll take that as a compliment. Amy, I rather to be like that than to be your friend.


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