Thursday, November 11, 2004

What The Fuck Is Going On?

A friend from the District alerted me and told me some funny gossips out of the District and he also mentioned that yesterday (Wednesday the 10th of November) at 2 PM, he and his friend witnessed a bizarre situation that unfolded before his eyes as he scrambled to get his digital camera and snapped two exclusive pictures of the mysterious man.

The traffic on Florida Avenue NE was slowed down as lots of motorists were baffled to see this man walking from the front gate of Gallaudet campus onto 8th Street & Florida Avenue NE. The man walked past 7th Street NE, then crossed to M Street NE towards 6th Street, a block away from HESS Gas Station. My friend raced around to snap the pictures on 6 Street and M Street NE.

I quickly asked my dearest friend whether if he's deaf or not. He said he is certain that he is not Deaf. It is likely that he is a crack addict prancing around the neighborhood for some bizarre reasons unknown to us all.

Here are the exclusive pictures:

Now, what the fuck is going on?


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