Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Falwell Is Ugly

Jerry Falwell has been ugly all his life. He had no choice but to embrace his evangelical belief to be somebody instead of being nobody. Honest to God, who wants to look at him?! He is awful. He looks bloated. I know him for many years, I lived in Virginia -- every Sunday morning is a morning of Terror for me. I had to endure the television broadcast of his rantings at Thomas Road Baptist Church every Sunday morning.

He siphoned money off from the poor and and built himself an empire of his own -- his church, his university, his mansion, his ugly children and his gullible wife and friends.

He tried to sue Larry Flynt who made fun of Jerry in his adult magazine -- if Jerry sued him, that means what? Jerry had to read the magazine to know why he sued Larry in the first place. That means what? Jerry probably subscribed the adult magazines, much to my chagrin!

Anyway, he popped back in the media once again, saying that he'll set up an army of "evangelical traditionalists" pertaining to morals and values, by using the evangelical voters to battle women rights, gays and minorities.

I guess Jerry wanted to go back to 1950s where women are silent when men can rape, abuse and molest women and children and nothing was being done to protect women and children back then.

That, to me, is their concept of traditional and moral values.

I say, let's move on and change the values for everyone, not theirs.

Get with the program.


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