Friday, November 12, 2004

One insignificant death, one significant death

Only in New York -- it was reported that a kind guy decided to give the local homeless bum a sandwich, then the next day, the same kind guy felt bad for that particular bum who seemed to be hungry. So he gave him $5 for food. The bum was offended and shot the kind guy dead. Ahh, just another insignificant death in New York.

In Knoxville, Tenn -- my cousin reported on her blog that a deaf student died in an deadly van accident which 5 other deaf students were injured as well. Maria Wooten is deaf, athlete student at Tennessee School for the Deaf. I was relieved that my cousin (Mary's daughter, Tori) was not part of the accident.

On another related subject, go to this particular website where you can view the funeral of Maria Wooten, there was a guy named Jamie Hensley. He's cute and my gaydar nearly broke itself when it went off uncontrollably after detecting Jamie. Umm. How awful am I, checking out guys at the funeral service?


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