Monday, November 08, 2004

Even in 1896, Hearies Pull Dirty Tricks On Deafies

I read the book called "They Did What!?" by Bob Fenster. On page 4 did not surprise me at all. I expected it from a hearing person of any background or any generation. Read this:

"Kid McCoy became the welterweight champ in 1896. Earlier in his career, he had shown what it took to survive in the ring when he fought a boxer who was completely deaf.

By the third round, McCoy had figured out that his opponent couldn't hear the bell. So he stepped back and motioned to the other fighter that the bell had rung to end the round (it hadn't).

As the other boxer dropped his hands and turned to his corner, McCoy jumped in and knocked him out."

How nice is that? Typical hearie.


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