Monday, October 10, 2005

Tidbits for 11th of October

Curiosity Killed The Cat, Of Course! Frances was curious. And curiosity swallowed Frances.

Gallaudet News: All day long, I was paged by about 7 or 8 different persons telling me that Gallaudet has had enough of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity's antics so far -- many of 'em said the fraternity is officially suspended, inactive or closed down for good. Maybe Scott Bradley has something to do with it -- jumping out of 3rd floor from the Chapter room, running from the DPS like an illegal immigrant did when they run across Rio Grande River last week.

McWeenie Is At It Again! He just wrote an entry, criticized DPN Movement and according to what he said, he claimed to be there. He probably was hiding in his bedroom, terrified that someone would beat up on him. Good. And no, I ain't link to him because his blog is not worth the shit to check out.

Earthquake Is Natural! Millions of years ago, India was aligned with Africa but it breaks and move slowly northward while Asia moves westward. Suddenly, it collided. And that is why we have the highest mountains in the world that can be found in China, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan! Each year, the tectonic plate pushed India against Asia an inch or two, forcing the Asia ground to go up. No, it is not the sign of EndTimes as you wish!

Oh, By The Way ...: Sodom and Gomorrah probably was not destroyed by God or whatever people wanted you to believe. Some theorized that the cities were sitting on a fault that also has natural gas under the cities. Of course, when the earthquake struck, the ground grinds, and you get BOOMs! I agreed with that theory. If homosexuality is the reason why they destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, how come Lot fucked his daughters right after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Think about it! (slap your head!)

On Comedy Channel ... : I enjoyed watching SOUTHPARK and INSOMNIAC at times. During an episode of INSOMNIAC in New Orleans, the host gets to ride with the officials in shooting the nutrias in the canal system. I was puzzled. What the fuck is Nutria? It turns out to be a rodent that is very destructive to the Wetlands of Louisiana. It originated from South America. So they used the shotgun to blast the Nutrias in the darkness. It was weird watching the host laughing out of his mind when the official blasted the Nutrias to smithereens.

Anything That Window Media Owned Sucks! Window Media owned Washington Blade and New York Blade. I cannot stand Chris Crain, first and foremost of all. He thinks he's above anyone else. I snickered when some Moroccans plummeted him in Amsterdam. Chris Crain refused to admit that Ken Mehlman is faggot. Chris Crain hired Jeff Gannon to be the Columnist for Washington Blade. I'm like, "Gross, shoot him already!"

Anyway, Washington Blade annoucned the winners for Bars/Clubs in DC, this time they got readers to vote and the editors to pick:

Not surprsing, I like Apex on Thursdays.

EDITORS: VelvetNation
Of course, what is there to do except to pop X and snort Tina?


Please. Get. A. Clue. This is the bar where guys acted like men but when something funny happened, they shrieks like a girl! A HUGE turn-off!

EDITORS: Duplex Diner


Of course, I love Halo! No smoking, motherfuckers!

EDITORS: 30 Degrees
Eww. This is dark, boring with anal retentive bartenders!


Yeah, that is probably the easiest way to get hit by HIV Poz guys in that bar, though.

Sleazy but fun. Fisting in this bar is like ... buying a carton of cigarettes, really


Of course it is!

Can't say much about this bar because I never went!

Now with New York Blade's Best Gay 2005:
Hottest Neighborhood
Staff pick: Hell’s Kitchen
Very true. That's where Sarah, Kaybee and few others lived -- no fair, you fakey whore bitches! But I preferred East Village, though.

Reader pick: Chelsea
The readers must be on Tina or something.

Best Dance Club
Staff and reader pick: Roxy
That is bullshit -- I really *hated* Roxy! It is annoying place to hang out. I prefer The Rambles!

Best Men’s Bar
Staff pick: Gym Sports Bar
Really? Gym Sports Bar is nice, but I preferred The Cock, Nowhere Bar and The Urge.

Reader pick: Eagle, 554 W. 28 St., 646-473-1866,

Best Party
Staff pick: Alegria
Did not care much for "boi" or "twinks" -- SYL.

Reader pick: Krash Chelsea, 16 W. 22nd St., 646-739-0859
Krash is BOI HEAVEN, so SYL!

Best DJ
Staff pick: JonJon Battles
Yes, JonJon is a dear friend of mine -- he hails from Talladega, Alabama. He can sign very well. He said that he lived few blocks away from Alabama School for the Deaf. He's pretty cool dude. His music is not ... screeching loudly, it is easy on my dead ears, really. He performs at The Rambles on Sundays, at The Cock on Mondays and ... few others that I cannot remember where and when. JonJon Battles treated me like normal which I appreciated very much.

Reader pick: Peter Rauhofer
Who? Toss him out, please!

Best Promoter
Staff pick: John Blair and Mark Nelson
Are you kidding?! Pick Daniel Nardicio! He's the CHAMP!

Reader pick: Mark Nelson

Best Gym
Staff pick: David Barton Gym
David Barton?! If you want to fuck a guy in the shower room, this it it!

Reader pick: Equinox
Ben Vess and I went to Equinox and by God, I was impressed -- the Internet is in the Gym! And the swimming pool ... it has only ONE lane! But I like it.

Italics are my comments, if you cannot figure it out by now.



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