Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Disobey Thy Parents!

You know the rules that Xians preached, "Obey Thy Parents". I always cringed on that. Know why? I simply cannot obey my parents. My parents are perhaps the most ignorant and passive folks out there. Mom does not believe that in China, children were forced to assemble shoes and shirts in hot sweatshops for Nike and Wal-Mart.

Mom does not believe in unions, she feels that they were only "stealing" her money. Never mind that the unions played the role in shaping the way of life for millions of people in terms of fair labor laws, minimum wages, safety and health insurance. Mom smiled with a tone of disbelief and said, "USA NEVER HAVE CHILDREN WORK BEFORE SO DONT WORRY!"

Dad honestly believed that my presence in Virginia would rattle the General Assembly to save the deaf school in Staunton. Thanks for the vote of confidence -- Virginia is overrun with conservatives who won't change their minds one way or other. And my presence will not make any difference. I rather for the state to rot on its own.

And I'm supposed to obey them? Fuck, no. I simply cannot obey the ignorants that claimed to know the best for me. Never had, never has and never will.

My sister has decided to dump her husband of four years. Actually, they did not plan to get married at all. It takes two to get pregnant by 'accident', and my parents went on to great lengths to pressure them to marry, not for the sake of their children, but for the sake of my parents' status quo! I was perhaps the only one in the family that objected to it. I argued that getting pregnant does not mean that both has to get married.

My parents are not concerned about the welfare of my sister, they are merely concerned about their status quo! They are worried about how they are being perceived by the Deaf peers in Virginia with the fact that they got a daughter who got pregnant out of wedlock. So my parents persisted my sister to marry this fool. Sure enough, the husband is not a good father, good husband -- he flipped the dining table when he gets upset with my sister.

I told my sister to get out of this crap. No sane woman has to endure things like that just to please their parents. I told her, "Disobey thy parents, that is not a request -- that is an order!" I told her that with his erratic behavior (he was in the prison for some offense at one time which means what? Bad idea!), one cannot predict men like that -- but you knew when one flipped the dining table, up next is physical assault. Then what? Possibly, another domestic violence that might result in injury or even worse, death.

Mom was appalled that I told my sister to kick the loser out and start the process of divorcing the loser. She said, 'WHY YOU DO THAT? PEOPLE WILL THINK US BAD FAMILY! DIVORCE IS BAD!"

I told her, "Be delusional all you want -- She is doing what she wanted to do for a long time, and you have to butt out of her decisions and to stop worrying about Deaf people in general."

It was reported that the divorce rate in this country is 50%, so my sister is not unique by any means -- Mom is going haywire with the fact that my sister may be the first sibling to be divorced in the family. Who the fuck cares about that?! WE already got three "homo" and one "whitetrash Republican" -- adding one more "divorced single mother" doesn't make any difference, really.

Mom and Dad seemed unable to realize that they got one big diverse family -- two cuntlickers, one cocksucker, one whitetrash Republican, one soon-to-be divorced single Mom of two. The truth is that we emit more drama than The Brady Bunch has to offer, really.

Mom and Dad, just shut the fuck up already.


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