Friday, October 07, 2005

AIM, Mundey & Bradley

Rainy, Rainy Day! What a perfect setting for my mood today. After doing the daily sit-ups, I screamed with gibberish sounds at Roxy for trying to eat out of trash can. Then I tried to be "Mama" by shouting unverified sounds at Roxy -- you could see her closing her eyes as to say, "Okay, tone down the barbaric voice!"

Then I realized that my lower torso is very stiff, not from screaming obscenities at Roxy, but from doing the sit-ups every morning and night. I guess that is good sign. Can you imagine RT with 6 abs on his chest? Perhaps ...

I am glancing at the weather outside. It is gloomy, rainy -- exact what Philadelphia needed. Philadelphia has been very dry in the last 30 days.

AIM Is Back, but Very Spotty! My AIM is back. But it is very spotty. I'm good at doing things but with technical? Then I really needed Shannon or Christian to do the tricks. I'm not good with technical problems. If I suddenly signed off from AIM in the midst of conversation, it is technical problem, nothing personal.

What's Up With This, Scott? 4 years ago at Gallaudet, I was off from my duty as Resident Advisor and stood outside of Benson Hall Circle with Mark and Keith, chatting away about almost everything. Suddenly, a car pulled up. About 6 people came out -- I tried to greet Scott Bradley but he was furious. I noticed that other guys were in state of daze or shock. I noticed some scratches on their arms. I asked them what happened? One muttered that they just abandoned a jeep that crashed into some property not far from Gallaudet.

Of course, I was curious -- we zoomed and checked it out -- it was not bad, but the jeep got stuck when the huge fence literally wrapped itself on it.

Next day, Scott seemed to be back to normal and acted if it's no big deal. Impressive attitude. I like Scott. He is fun guy to hang out sometimes, really.

I got two sources from Gallaudet that indicated Scott was up to something once again -- The information mentioned that Scott Bradley jumped out of third floor building to avoid getting caught by the campus security. Scott, first of all, you aren't Superman! Second of all, many wanted to know why you did that?!

Getting Ready for Mundey's Party: The Halloween Party hosted by Kevin Mundey should be very interesting. I heard that Carl Way will be there. Guaranteed to have a drama to flare at the party. PJ said that few years ago, the same party had an incident related to the gunfire. But the party has been relocated to another place, though.

Either way, the party should be very interesting for me to observe but never to interfere ...



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