Sunday, October 30, 2005

True Biz!

Since Gallaudet football team did the improbable run to cap the undefeated season, the surprise and shock rolled throughout the Gallaudet community as well as many Deaf communities across the nation -- that the team did it all. Coach Ed Hottle did it in his first year as Head Coach. How many coaches gets to do the undefeated season in the first year of coaching? And Coach Ed Hottle did it.

And the information from Gallaudet has reached me that the students numbered between 80 to 120 has flocked to Hotchkiss Field and pulled down the goal post, perhaps to celebrate the fact that the team went 8-0.

It was mentioned that some students jumped on Department of Public Safety's cars (DPS) as well.

Remember the football team is not in NCAA Division III, but it is making plans to return to Division III by 2007. Next year, I was told that they plan to schedule 5 Division III schools. Either way, Gallaudet went 8-0 this year, that is what it counts the most. Coach Ed Hottle obviously set the tone for the program on the right track. Perhaps, the next challenge for Coach Ed Hottle is to keep the players stay on the team for four years, not two or one.

I'm relieved that nobody at Gallaudet gets whacked down by the goal post like it did in Minnesota. I guess by Monday morning, the faculty would shake their heads, "See? Freshmen lack the civility once again."

What a life. C'est la vie!

Congratulations, Coach Ed Hottle and Gallaudet Gridders.

UPDATE: It was reported that about 350 students participated in taking down not one but two goal posts. It was said that the University is exploring to take action on several students -- they also triggered the fire alarms in all dorms. It brought the DC Police and SWAT team into the university -- several students were arrested.



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