Tuesday, October 18, 2005

10.18.05 Tidbits

This Is It: Wilma is the last name on the official list. The Hurricane season has not ended. It will end in mid-November. Four more weeks to go. So what to do next? They'll use the Greek Alphabet like Alpha, Beta, Zeta. Wilma is in the Carribean Sea and it is slated to enter the Gulf of Mexico and from there, Wilma will visit Florida.

Abuse of EEO? I noticed that many corporations posted that they are supporter of Equal Employment Opportunity or Affirmative Action. They are lying. They only post it up to avoid the wrath of people in power. But other than that, if they had to hire a disabled person, they'll create a position where it is likely that they will not be able to climb up the ladder eventually.

I noticed the similar patterns -- I sent the resumes to non-profit organizations and for-profit corporations, non-profit organizations tend to respond whereas the latter one never did. I made a phone call to ask one corporation about this happenstance. They claimed that the volumes of resumes were high, and that may played a role in oversight the issue. They also mentioned that the experiences and qualifications are the ones they are after. Well, many Deaf persons lacked the means to gain the experiences in order to qualify. Why is that? Because they were largely denied and blocked out by hearing peers in a clandestine manner, thus making our lives difficult and impossible to get the fair competition in capitalistic society.

Ever wonder why deaf people preferred to work at deaf schools, non-profit organizations or even on Social Supplemental Income (SSI) instead of working with the corporations that claimed to build a bridge with disabled persons? Actually, they built a faulty bridge with many holes in it where disabled people attempted to cross the bridge only to fall through its holes. The point is that many viewed that life is short, why bother to fight? It is no wonder to point out that not many Deaf persons are millionaires, and many are living few feet away from the poverty line.

It is not about being lazy, it is about the invisible ceiling that they observed and gave up on that. Simply put. They viewed it as an obstacle and did not want to deal with it in the long run. For years, hearing people gets away with everything. They had the gall to mention that they support affirmative action and equal employment opportunity on their logos. It is absurd.

I'd love for a genuine bridge between two worlds but the way it works on hearies' side, it is extremely rare to see a big-time corporation to have one or several Deaf persons holding down an important position or even climb up the ladder. I dare you to name one from a big-time corporation like ABC, ESPN, CBS, NBC ... and no, cleaning staff does not count at all.

And there are bloggers, including DowntownLad, who claimed that capitalism is the way to go. It is misguided on his and many part, capitalism totally robbed us of our dignity, opportunity and pride from day one. It is not the option for us to deal with. Capitalism is not interested in making fair concessions to the people that deserved the chance to work and climb up the ladder, they are focused only on profits. They do not want to hire Deaf people because they are an obstacle -- or in their way of reaching their professional goals. In fact, they preferred to hire talking dogs than to hire Deaf person for an executive position.

In other words, when it comes to big-time corporations, hearies are scums. They are never to be trusted. At all.

Remember The Frozen Turkey Incident? Last November, I mentioned this and the frozen Turkey victim has something to say.

Donate $$ For The Trip? Merritt and I talked about this. I'm not sure if I can go to the District for Gallaudet Homecoming this coming weekend because of financial woes. But Merritt mentioned that many bloggers asked for donations to support them, and that I should do something about it as well. NO harm in asking about it. If you want to donate $ for the trip to the District and come back with lots of stories to share, feel free to get in touch with me via Ridor9th@gmail.com. And I'll give you the information on this, though. No pressures. Entirely up to you. $200 would be nice. With the Internet, anything is possible.



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