Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10.19.05 Tidbits

New Orleans To Palm Springs! The NAD Board has decided to move the 48th Biennial National Conference from New Orleans to Palm Springs on June 29-July 3, 2006. Palm Springs is famous for its brutal hot weathers during the summertimes. It is also the vaction spot for rich, famous persons and gay men.

On another note, why move it to Palm Springs instead of staying in New Orleans to help out with its local economy? The reports said that the city will be back to normal in March. The Conference is to be held in June and July.

Try This! I'm curious to know where the readers of this blog are from. Feel free to add yourself on it -- be sure to press return after 6 or 7 words because the post itself will expand itself if you do not press return. Otherwise, have fun doing this for me.

Wilma Is Category 5: In less than 24 hours, Wilma has gone from 75 MPH to 175 MPH, making it the dangerous storm on the same level with Katrina. Let's see if it will hold itself as it rolls onto Florida. Stay tuned.

Amusing Message Board: A certain friend told me to check the message boards about Nigeria Scams Using IP Relay. Some are offensive. It makes you wonder about the ethics on Communication Assistants'(CAs) part. Know what? When Deaf people asserted their rights, hearing people often viewed it as a "chip on our shoulders". That is cheap observation. If you do not like the fact that we assert our rights, get the fuck out of my face. Not only that, it is scary to know that the CAs are talking amongst each other about our information.

I would highly suggest the readers not to use the ever again. Because they are talking and possibly using your sensitive information against you. For instance:
Seriously, some of you relay users don't even appreciate what you're given. And the ones of you who have been spoiled all their lives by people who took pity on you and did things for you just because you had "special needs" just sit there and whine and curse at us in your ASL gloss (which is actually sometimes pretty humorous) and complain when the fact is you're getting a free ride and need to be quiet.
Another example:
Seriously, how do you get the sheer guts to COMPLAIN about a service that is FREE??? For the price you pay for it, you're lucky if even HALF the words you type even make it to the person you are calling.

Some of the messages that were said on that board is very alarming, to say the least.


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