Sunday, October 23, 2005

Run, Lola, Run!

One of my favorite places to hang out in Washington, DC is none other than 17 Street High Heel Race, often taken on Tuesday a week before Halloween. This year, it is slated to happen on October 25, 2005 at 9 PM. For first-timers, take Metro to DuPont Circle and head eastward to 17 Street as early as 6 PM to seize good spot in observing the High Heel Race.

What is the High Heel Race? It is a hysterical, comical block party reserved for anyone who dressed up outrageously and race up the street with high heels from Church Street NW to R Street NW. It started in 1986 and has been running for 19 years in a row.

Click the image to see them up close if you dare!

I once volunteered at High Heel Race because I felt that it gave me the opportunity to watch up close and see how these men in drag runs -- not only that, I also get free shots prior and after the event as well! Men in drag were magnificent, I mean, they ran so fast that ... they amazed me. Some could not handle 3-inch heels and lost balance, flung themselves into the crowds or on other contestants. Of course, drama ensued as always. But what do the winner of High Heel Race gets in return for destroying their ankles? A bar tab at JR's Bar & Grill, that's it!

You get to be entertained by many creative people who dressed up from A to Z -- during my stay in the District, I attended 7 High Heels Races because I love to observe but do not interfere these creative people who took so much of their time (or none at all) to dress up something outrageous.

I wonder if a guy who imitated as Princess Di is still hanging out at 19th Annual 17 Street High Heel Race these days?

If you never had a chance to check it out, I highly recommend you to check this out on Tuesday the 25th. You'll enjoy it. Unless you're member of American Family Association and Concerned Women of America who considered it as a bad thing for their so-called "traditional beliefs" thing.



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