Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Boy, Dr. Zager Is Hot!

Today, I went to see the doctor for some check-up with my "ears" because the last time I had the audiology test was in '91. That is 14 years ago.

So off to see Dr. Zager, I drove through the rainy streets to that specific location. I hate the feeling of Audiology Clinic, really! It is so creepy. These attitudes on these receptionists' face reads: "Let me fix you up!"

My left ankle is still sore from turning it over last Sunday evening. So I limped a little and reached the front desk. I picked the pen out of its penholder thing, I asked for the paper pad. The receptionist at the front desk seems to be in her 60s or so, she tried to use her voice to talk. I shook my head and said in gesture to indicate that I want a paper pad. She declined and she pulled the file and showed me the name of someone else. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. She went to get another file then did the same thing. I nodded that it was mine. She gestured me to sit down. I sighed and asked for the paper pad in gesture, she shook her head and pointed to the chair behind me.

I signed so fast that she'll never forget it -- "SOMEBODY SHOULD PUT A HOLE IN YOUR FUCKING FACE!" All the time, I was smiling like nothing happened.

I'm sure she will never figure out what I said to her face. Then I sat and waited for the "appointed hour".

Then I was led to the room. Waited. Waited. Then Dr. Zager came in, I was bit startled. He smiled. He tried to speak. He's very young. Very cute. Very masculine. And has brown hair. Has glasses. I quickly scoped out his hands to see if there is a committment ring. Nope at all. He looks like my close friend! He laughed when I said no to some questions related to speech/hearing. He asked me why I was jumpy. I told him that it's creepy to look at him because he reminded me of Todd Newman, really. He laughed out loud.

Then we resumed back to this professional thing. Dr. Zager asked me if I can speak -- I laughed and said, "Only in one language -- gibberish." He chuckled and instructed me to go downstairs to have my audiology tests.

Blah, blah. My last time in '91, my left ear's db was 45. My other ear was 95. Today, they told me that both ears are way over 110 db. Yes, you got it! I'm DEAF as can be.

At first, I asked the Audiologist to tell me what dbs for my ears? She said to talk with Dr. Zager. Then Dr. Zager seemed to be "sad" and wrote down that my ears are now profoundly Deaf. I smiled like Hell. He looked at me as if I was nuts.

Little did he knew ...

for I am the Deaf Gay Militant.

Hear me roar. And I will never hear you roar!



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