Thursday, October 13, 2005

AIM Virus & Rocky VI

AIM VIRUS! I apologized if some of you got these annoying IMs which gave you the link to some places -- it was not my doing. My roommate clicked on his friend's IM on this computer. It somehow gets on all of us' buddy lists and fired away on to others.

I had been trying to fix it, locate the problem (windoze.exe) -- I had been trying to use spybot, ad-ware and aimfix.exe to stop it. But it kept on coming back. I'm going insane. If anyone has the suggestion shorter than to format the Windows XP, do tell me.

Thanks in advance!

Just Saw This: When I saw this, I groaned. I know folks will groan and Roy Weintraub will have his first orgasm in years. This is perhaps the saddest news for me -- I never liked nor advocated the boxing as a sport.

Confidential to Jay (Not Bunnag!): Jay, stop IMming the little boy or you'll go back to the prison as deserved!



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