Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gallaudet Still Undefeated

Gallaudet Now 7-0! By the end of third quarter, the game was tied at 21 between Gallaudet and SUNY-Maritime during the rainy Homecoming Day at Gallaudet -- boom, Gallaudet went on to make two touchdowns to win the game, 35-21 in front of 2,000 fans as well as the ESPN crew from Bristol, Connecticut. It was said that Gallaudet football team will be profiled on ESPN sometimes in January, 2006. Gallaudet will play its last game of the season at UNC-Greensboro next week on Saturday.

Meanwhile here is another picture of Coach Ed Hottle, the hottest man at Gallaudet. According to my memory, I left my 100-year Anniversary Gallaudet Football at my parents' place so I cannot verify at all, I believe that Gallaudet never had an undefeated season in more than 105 years. If they went 8-0 next week, Coach Ed Hottle did something that not even Dr. Frank Turk or Bob Westermann did, compiled an undefeated season in school's history. Great job, Gallaudet Gridders.

Move Over, Wilma! Hurricane Wilma is moving very slowly at 3 MPH, good enough to devastate the region. Tropical Storm Alpha has formed in the Carribean Sea just south of Dominican Republic.

If You're Bored ... It is healthy for you to do this. Thanks to Ramblings on the Matter

In Melbourne, Australia: This is amusing article. No pity for Parking Officer, though.

Cory Is Hot: I was bored and dying slowly in the midst of shitty rainy day, watched MTV's True Life: I'm on a diet. Normally, I do not go for men like Cory but something about him caught my eye. He's pretty cute for a wrestler.

Shame on GW Bush: What do you expect from this arrogant cowboy? This fucker knew that Los Angeles is the nation's busiest highway commute and he does not care if 100 kids missed their first-ever field trip to see The Wizard of Oz -- after all, they are not important. Appearing at the fundraising event is more important for GW Bush than anyone else, really. At least, more people disliked, hated and disregarded the man in White House.

D-oh! Part I: Last week, Virginia Cavaliers football team pulled its second upset of Top 5 team in 10 years by beating No. 4 Florida State 26-21, today they managed to find a way to lose to unranked North Carolina Tar Heels in Chapel Hill, 7-5.

D-oh! Part II: Of course, I am in melancholy mood. When I read this, I could not believe but come to think of this -- only 1,000 were on hand to pull the goal post, of course it is heavy! It whacked one person and ... yeah, killed him as well. Only in Minnesota, though. Sonny is going to kill me for sure.



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