Friday, October 14, 2005

Tidbits for the Weekend of October 14 - 16!

Gallaudet Now 6-0! With Head Coach Ed Hottle pulling all the tricks, Gallaudet snapped 7-game losing streak against Williamson Trade School with a 33-24 triumph. For the first time in school history, club-status or not, Gallaudet is 6-0 with two games left, including versus SUNY-Maritime for Homecoming Day on 22nd of October. The way the team has been playing, they are slated to finish the season 8-0 and is in good shape to return to the Division III status. The truth is that they defied my expectations. And I'm humbled by that. Way to go, Gallaudet Griddlers!

Another Flick: I saw The Wedding Date last Friday evening. Delmot Mulroney played as a male escort which ended up falling in love with Debra Messing after making an arrangement that he acted as her boyfriend while they went to a wedding event in London. Delmot has nice ass, I'm telling you.

Virginia Hoops Begins: In Charlottesville and across the nation, many college basketball teams has begun to practice for the 2005-06 season. But in Charlottesville, this is special -- it is the final season of University Hall, its gymnasium for the last 20 plus years. I attended more than 100 games at University Hall. I'd say that more than 90 percent of the games I attended, Virginia won. However, next season, they will play in a brand-new gymnasium at John Paul Jones Arena. Of course, this season will be special because it'd invoke many memories and drama with many teams ...

Again, Virginia Did This!: A day after the basketball practices began, Virginia Cavaliers football team did the improbable thing -- they upset No. 4 Florida State Seminoles 26-21, marked the second time that Virginia gets to beat Florida State in 10 years.

Interested To Check Deaf Person's Art Shows? A friend of mine, Darren Schledt, told me that his works will be shown at two galleries in Richmond on November 4, 2005 at 7 PM. It will be held at 23 West Broad Street in Richmond. As for another show on November 11 & 12, 2005 at a local gallery on 4009 Fitzhugh, Street in Richmond.

Ooh, Two?! A little bird informed me that there are two Deaf guys in Washington, DC that works as male stripper at a local gay bar in DC called Secrets. One is current student at Gallaudet, one is not. More power to them.

Up next is The Improvised Trip to New York, of course!



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