Friday, October 21, 2005

Bitch Session XIII

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers . I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. Enjoy! You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else.


Why do trannies and drag queens, if they feel and really want to be women, flaunt their breasts without respect and have no problem flinging out their nipples for the world to see? Real women don't do that unless they're paid to do so - legally or illegally... or in the name of love or lust.

I nominate McFly for the future first woman president of the United States.

Can a lesbian be fucked by a man out of curiousity and still be considered a lesbian when there are no feelings or interests involved?

Finally..... ROCKY franchise has come back to the movie theater on Thanksgiving 2006. And this time, its ROCKY VI. Perhaps, I should write a letter to company to get that movie captioned.

Berna is a cool lady.

I *heart* Jenny and everyone else! I also *heart* you, Beth. No worries. I'm not gonna lick your cunt either unless you stomp your foot and say you want to be licked. If you do, I'll find someone for you - male or female. Your choice. And, enjoy!

Welcome to NYC, Beth. We love having you here in the Big Apple.

Too bad you cannot cruise Ed Hottle on Homecoming Day!

Kate is going to be SO AMAZING in the show she is acting in!

Craigslist is a wonderful place to meet people, get/sell things, and more.

JJ you're just a plain old bitter person who needs to start having a more positive outlook on life! No wonder you're still single!

Does being a fat man or woman make one less sexy and have less flair, regardless of inner high sex drive and vibes? Does being thin really elevate one above others?

Rosey G. already told everybody that all of her three female exes, raped her right after they decided to break up with this pathetic cheap-assed bitch. It is just that Rosey needs attention because nobody wanted or cared about her after all. She loves to twist stories to make herself look innocent. Of course, she always found plenty of people out there that felt sorry for her antics. She needs to get some help from some psychiatric ward. What a poor little stupid Rosey!

hate the Factory Cafe which oppresses women.

Christine Santana you are a wretched face babboon!!

Men's brains are in their penises.

Expect Deaf senior citizens to be hospitalized of heat exhaustion at NAD Conference in Palm Springs, California. I mean, the average temperature in July is 108.4!! What a stupid move on NAD's part!

Women beware, David Simmons only sees you as a sex object to conquer.

If a female President ran this country, things would improve significantly.

Bill Terrell has officially resigned from his position as Chair of the RAD 2005 Conference. Good riddance! Now everyone knows the real side of him! Such a jerk and coward he is! Now CMRA has to clean up his shitty and shoddy work!

Why do gay men fall in love so quickly then break up so quickly with so much drama?

Move over, Hurricane Wilma. I'm waiting for you, Hurricane Alpha!

I love you, Svetlana!

Gallaudet already had many hearing Presidents, they already had a deaf president, it is time for Deaf with capital "D" President!

Dear Chris, I love you so much. I'm so lucky to have you in my life!

Will Bush go fishing again before or after Hurricane Wilma? Let's see how well-prepared FEMA is this time around if the hurricane hits US shore. I hope it doesn't hit our shores! We've had enough beating. If the Gods are mad, punish Bush, not us.

Lil Josh is growing up *squeezing cheeks*

Any single deaf lesbians out there in NYC? or elsewhere? Please raise your hand, leave your name and email addy here in the comments section. I'll get in touch with you. :-)

Bars and clubs are not places to pick up your future partners and bring home to meet your parents.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la!
Tis the season to be hilarious! fa la la la la!
Hope this session is more hilarious than ever before!
Fa la la la!

Jay Levine!! Do yourself a favor. Please stop prey on young girl and spread VD like bird flu. You actually cost one beautiful innocent girl her ovary. Just fuck whoever around your age and your size as well.

3 reasons I hate CIs, one, it makes them snobby and bitchy, two, makes them complain too much, and three, makes them feel superior to otherDeafies who don't have/believe in CIs. If the end of the world came and all the batteries died, then what? They're still Deaf!!!

Move over, David Letterman and Jay Leno! Make room for the one and only Ricky Taylor! Gotta love that smirk and these trademark signs/expressions of his.

Poor Michael Demmons, he hafta to block people that deflate his ego from time to time. Grow a spine.

Joe is a great baker!

Best regards to Lauren and Doug on their engagement. Congratulations!

Anne is cute! Is she available?

It's beautiful to see Melissa growing up and growing into her own skin.

Not only that he is hot, Darrin Wright is also sweet and thoughtful. Wish there are men like him out there.

Garrett B. & Jon D., you guys strip? You kidding me or what?

Pack, hang in there!