Saturday, October 01, 2005

October 1st Tidbits

Surdus Saw JamesJeff: In New York on the corner of 9th Street and 2nd Avenue last night around 9:30 PM, my friend Surdus recognized James (Jeff) Guckert (Gannon) with three other men, suddenly -- JamesJeff became alarmed that Surdus recognized the faggot. Good. Told him that he should make a disgusting stare at him, Surdus said, "Actually I didnt give him a disgusting stare... it was more like mocking... because he really did gain weight. And looks like he is strung out."

A Funny Joke by Rush: He wrote this joke on's comment section -- Q: Why does Helen Keller masturbate with only one hand?

The answer is: She moans with the other.

Good one, is it?

I Finally Understood Helmuth's Love: Last night, I went to visit a friend of mine's home to loiter and drink. Lots of Heineken were involved. Then popped the pill of Vicodin. That's it for the night. You're flying a-waaaaay! Tried to watch the tube but I feel like I was inside the television. It was very enjoyable and so relaxing. Even at 5 AM, I was amused at the dialogues and seriousness of Congressmen on C-SPAN TV. "Chair, I yield the 3 and half minutes to my dear friend and colleague, Senator ..."

When you mixed the alochol with vicodin, seeing the dialogues on C-SPAN are amusing, to say the least. I finally understood why Helmuth, another LW3 of mine, loved it.

Bali Boomed ... Again: According to this, 36 people were killed.

Tragic Fire: Great stuff to be made of.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A tragic fire on Monday destroyed the personal library of President George W. Bush. Both of his books have been lost.

Presidential spokesman Scott McClellan said the president was devastated, as he had not finished coloring the second one.

What a tragedy.

Evolution Is Real; Creationism Is Faith: Evolution is real, creationism is just a fantasy tale emerged from the world's biggest fraud: The Bible. Proof? Check this. But no, Xians will deny it. They are afraid that when they die, they will simple rot, cast to be forgotten. In 10,000 years, nobody remembers who I am. So do you. Which is why many Xians lingered on religions so that they can be "remembered" one way or other.

Hurricanes on Pacific Coast? It is rare for any hurricanes to twirl into the western part of Mexico and California. Most of the times, they tend to form off the coast of Mexico and rolled eastward following the ocean current. But according to this, Hurricane Otis is determined to hit Mexico's Baja California and when Otis do, they'll drench Phoenix and Tucson on Wednesday. So Chlms and Philip, have fun with Otis.

New Orleans Will Not Be Back: It will disintegrate, despite the empty promises GW Bush made about restoring the city of New Orleans. More and more people will leave the city when they realize that it is too much trouble to handle the devastation. Then New Orleans will dissipate into the likes of Jackson or Shreveport.

GW Bush Said FEMA Did A Great Job: Yeah, right.

I Still Hate Lance Armstrong: Lance proposed to Shery Crow for her hand in marriage. I'm very curious to know the side of Lance's ex-wife who took care of Lance when he was ill with Testicular Cancer but quickly and conveniently dumped her when he was healthy. Lance probably bought her cash to keep her from telling the world how bad person he is. After all, you do not hear anything about Lance's ex-wife at all. I'm certain that Lance is dickwad. Hope his cancer comes back and explode his damned balls.

Damn the Terrapins! I'm willing to bet that Darlene and Sandy Ewan will make a videophone tonight just to heckle at me because Maryland Terrapins has upset #21 Virginia Cavaliers football team, 45-33 at College Park. It is always hard to beat the Terrapins at their home floor.

Gallaudet Now 4-0: Gallaudet has routed Walter Reed, 60-14 to improve the season at 4-0. Up next is Wesley (JV) at Dover, Delaware. If the fates smiled upon me, I might head down to watch the game, greet Christian Burke and ... drool on Coach Ed Hottle.

A Progressive Sign That Texas Is Narrow-Minded State: A Catholic classroom had a book by Annie Proulx whose works also included Brokeback Mountain, a novel turned into a film about the Wyoming cowboys in love with each other. Texans whined and ojbected about it being in the high school classrom. Get a life.

Interesting Art: Too bad Merritt and Manny did not think of this!

I guess that would cover everything for the day.



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