Friday, October 28, 2005

10.28.05 Tidbits

Two Gallaudet Students Reportedly Injured: A source said that Nate Elliott and Pat Conway walked down the 8th Street NE and was ambushed by four thugs who went on to beat Pat and Nate down on that street between Florida Avenue and L Street NE. It was said that Nate got shot in his leg but is fine. The thugs robbed them of wallets and pagers as well. I find this very odd because they said that these four thugs jumped out of their truck to rob them. In my ten years in the area, I never heard of an instance like this before. I walked around the neighborhood by myself and I never had someone go after me out of their cars -- unless they were provoked upon.

More Details Out of Gallaudet HC Ball: More details are coming out of Washington about the incidents surrounding the SBG Administration handling of HC Ball at Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel. It was said that someone peed in the vending machine. Now, I would like to SEE THAT! It was said that 13 customers left the hotel after Gallaudet students pulled the fire alarms three times in the middle of night. Needless to say, the SBG was billed as much as $8,000 for the damages at the hotel. But it should assure us of something else -- the tradition of Homecoming Ball turning into uncivilizied behaviour is still on after many years, though.

Gallaudet Football Aims for Undefeated Season: Coach Ed Hottle and his Gallaudet Gridders received the attention from The Washington Post about their 7-0 record. And tomorrow, they will play the final game of the season in Greensboro. If the team wins, this particular team will be the first in Gallaudet history to undergo an undefeated season.

Need More Proof That Gallaudetians Can Be So Dumb? According to, there is a webring that attempted to harness the fellows who attended Gallaudet. It reads: "Gallaudetians, Live and Propser!" According to the topic of this webring: For those who "sign" the buff 'n' blue so produly! As well know the secrets of the Tunnel, Tower Clock, and hoarding the alcohol in their dorms without gettin busted! And we have students who cannot spell prosper and proudly the right way. Pitiful.

Rosa Parks Deserved This Honor: About time that the Congress agreed on one thing, to have Rosa Parks lay in state at the United States Capitol Rotunda for two days, making her the first woman in American history to do so. And only the second black American to lay in state at the Rotunda. With her silence and defiance, Rosa Parks changed the course of Civil Rights Movement in this country. Like it or not, her impact goes beyond the colors, it also sent a huge impact on Deaf Community as well. We would not have the Deaf President at Gallaudet University if not for Rosa Parks.

New Orleans Fired 45 Cops: Good for them!

Shame on Iran: The emotional flares in the Middle East needed to be solved. The Iranian President reserved the right to share his opinions but to say that Israel needs to be wipe off the map is inappropriate thing to say. I cannot blame Iranians for hating the Americans -- we supported the corrupted Shah of Iran who repressed the mass for years before they revolted against the government and adopted the Islamic State. If the United States has not supported the Shah, the outcome would be different today. But that was not to be. Never mind the fact that the United States punished Iranians for having its revolution by imposing the embargo on the nation and inserted Saddam Hussein to do the deeds.

The Americans are proud of our American Revolution, but we cannot approve of others having that opportunity? Does that smells hypocrisy to you? Of course it is.