Monday, October 24, 2005

Check the OUT Magazine's November 2005 Issue

Be sure to find the issue of November 2005's OUT magazine. You should be able to find an article about my good friend, Tyrone Giordano on page 28 and 30. I am delighted that there are two great pictures of Ty as well. Let's say ... any sane person will find him irresistible.

Little did I know that he's going to act as ... a gay man in The Family Stone in a interracial relationship with one hot African-American guy who graduated from Dartmouth College. An Ivy league school that impressed me when I visited last November with my hearing friends, Chris and Shane.

You rock, Ty! Ty did something that not even Marlee Matlin did -- act as a fag in any film. And guys and gals -- after reading the article, Ty is going to have the legions of gay men chasing after him. I may be as well as be his bouncer when we get together in New York gay bars!

I *kissfist* Ty. Two thumbs up for a great article on Tyrone.



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