Sunday, October 09, 2005

Be Proud of Yourself!

Laurent Clerc died on July 18, 1869. That is roughly 136 years ago. It is no question that in 15 years, his death will be 150th Anniversary. Of course, I'll be there to honor this magnificent man of our history in the making.

Laurent Clerc, the First Deaf Teacher FOR the Deaf

Don't let it be ... a period of mourning! Let it be the period of celebration. If not for Laurent Clerc, where will we be? Let's face this .. we won't be here without this man, Laurent Clerc.

It is too bad that not many people in this world outside of "Deaf World" gets to appreciate a person like Laurent Clerc.

Look at this website, Washington & Lee University. Let's be serious -- George Washington *never* met Robert Lee and yet, they got named to the same university! And yet, our own fucking university preferred a fucking hearing guy over a deaf guy -- let's be fucking realistic -- do you truly think Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet would be successful without Laurent Clerc?

Two words: Fat chance.

How do we change this? Let's use this as an example ...

This Is The Place To Celebrate!

Why did I choose this picture? This was taken from a Broadway play called "RENT" -- which hits my chord at some point, but the idea remains the same, we are to celebrate who we are! Fuck the world and step outside and holler that you're fucking Deaf as can be!



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