Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10.5.05 Tidbits

How Typical of Pigs: I am not even surprised with this article. One time in 1992, there was a chain of automobile accident -- 5 cars were involved, I was 4th. The first one was drunk and slammed into 2nd, 2nd bumped into 3rd. The 3rd bumped lightly on mine and I knocked my father's truck on someone's van. Sure enough, the cops came. Interviewed all except me and told me to go home. I protested. He made a threat to arrest me. Due to my youth, I cowered and went home. Later, I went to the court, they said they do not need me anyway. Is this supposed to make me feel good or even proud to be American?

One time in '99, a certain person drove my friend's cherokee jeep on a wet road in Greenbelt, Maryland -- as soon as he turns left, somehow the jeep slipped to the left and crashed into a tree right next to the bank. Horror of horrors, many of us were drinking except for the driver, he was the designated driver. My friend panicked about the insurance. I told my friend not to worry because the driver is the designated one and the cops would probably understand.


The cops arrived and harassed us -- the fuckers screamed at Toby, Lee, Cody, Jeff, Manny, Tom, David of things -- one cop kept on pointing on his lips and screamed at us in front of us. I got fed up and decided to go after his name and badge number -- know what he did? He fucking covered his name and badge with his hand! I went after his patrol car's number -- suddenly, they realized that I meant business -- one female cop told me to relax as she instructed three police cars to leave the scene, leaving us to clean up the mess on the intersection. Sure enough, we drove the fucked-up jeep back to Gallaudet.

What did we learn about this? For sure, never to trust the pigs on simple things, they will fuck it up for you. They are not there to protect or serve us. They are there to protect their own interests. We meant nothing to them except that we annoy them with equal accessibility. Trust me, they viewed us as gnats to be swapped. And that was not any different in Ogden, Utah. But good for Terrance Cantrell to stand up for something he believes in. You go, girl! Hat tip to Philip for the link.

Gay Wedding in Pakistan? This is interesting. But it is not Islamic custom. It is Afghani custom, dated from Alexander the Great before the Bible was coined.

Python Eats Alligator Then Exploded! Weird but it happened ... four times!

Smart Move On Her Part: To protect herself, she has to call the cops. Can't blame her.

What Do I Think Of Harriet Miers? Actually, I'm wary of her. I never liked the name itself: The name, Harriet, always made me think that it is old maid or something like that. I read that Harriet Miers switched to Republican after "discovering Jesus". She is delusional to start with. And GW Bush said that she was the best he can find ... ? Let's face this -- his credibility is shot.

Spy At White House! It was reported on ABC NEWS that a former Marine working under the staff of Veep Dick Cheney is spying for The Philippines. What do you really expect anything from this administration?

Another Reason Not To Have A Baby: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is expecting one. Barf.

Classic Dumb Americans: This made me grin, no question about it. This proved one thing: Pretty boys, bois, twinks and Abercrappie & Bitch wannabes are dumber than rocks!



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