Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bad News Is Forthcoming!

The Terror of Gus & Ridor! More than 24 hours has elapsed, some of you may notice that I am not even online at all. Well, something happened last night with this computer. It went out. Thanks to Eric via the videophone, I was able to fix most of things on this computer. What's wrong with this? Let's say ... it was overloaded with lots of things on it ... to a point where I cannot open an application at all. Not even AIM, AOL, Firefox ...

Today, my blood has been boiling all day long as I struggled to figure out what is wrong with this fucking computer. With Eric's tips, I was able to do from scratch. But by gods, I cannot open my gmail account nor AIM at all. So for the time being, my sole communication to the world is handled, believe it or not, through this medium.

So here are few messages for certain few:

PJ, Jason said that he does not have your email address -- he gets off from work at 5 PM, then he will pick me and Gus to head out to the party -- let's just meet at the party, since I could not access the AIM or GMAIL at all. I'm certain we'll have a good time at the party. So see you there along with your wife.

Jonathan, you better get ahold of JSA #78. I'll call you via the videophone on Saturday afternoon to arrange the time for us to meet during or right after the OutFest in Center City on Sunday, all right?

Joey, sorry I could not come back to talk wtih you bit longer on AIM -- but we always find the time to do that eventually.

That's it for now.

Not all Liberals Supported Palestinians: It is stupid of McWeenie to accuse the Liberals of supporting the Palestinians. Newsflash! Some Conservatives supported the Palestinians, so shut the fuck up.

Mordru Is Free! Yesterday afternoon, few hours before the computer kaboomed on us, Dylan IMmed me to let me know that Mordru freed himself in the Rock of Eternity and weakened the Wizard Shazam's magic in order to be vulnerable when The Spectre arrived to take care of him. I actually ordered Dylan to show me the book via the videophone so that I can see what the Wizard Shazam reacted when Mordru emerged from the Rock of Eternity -- Mordru condescendingly mentioned to the Wizard Shazam that he does not conjure magic like the Wizard does, he is pure magic. According to DC Comics' website, here is the line: Meanwhile, as the Spectre's rampage continues, the team's greatest enemy has found the opening he needs to destroy the JSA once and for all!

Of course, I'm thrilled. Who cannot love to hate Mordru?

19 Operatives Head Out to NYC Subway? According to the media, 19 operatives may target the NYC subway system. That did not surprise me at all. I expected it to happen. Perhaps it shall happen. Perhaps it won't. The worst thing about this is that if the bombings occurred in the subway systems, don't be surprised to see Debra Burlingame along with that gook, Michelle Malkin, trying to close the subway system to memorialize them in the process like they had been doing with the property at World Trade Center.

Debra, along with many conservative pig bloggers, managed to prevent the officials from proceeding to build the Tower at Ground Zero. They will not stop until they make the *whole* property a memorial site -- Hello, this is Lower Manhattan, not a cemetary! This is the world's financial district -- you want a cemetary? You can build one at Staten Island. It is shame that the non-NYC residents has a say in this process that affected none of them at all -- it will only affect the NYC residents, commuters and workers in the long run. The relatives of deceased 9/11 will disappear in 100 years -- in 200 years, the incident on 9/11 probably will become a footnote in world history. So no big deal. By trivializing on this subject repeatedly indicated that the terrorists won.

On a personal note for my dear friends: Perlis, Bianca, Regan, Beth, Sarah, Kaybee, Web, Ben and Corey along with few bloggers like DowntownLad & Joe of CutTheShit -- be wary, be cautious. I want you alive and in one piece. Try to avoid the subway system for few days, willja? And please let me know that you're OK should it happen in the subway, okay? Ben, I know we fought too many times but you know the truth -- we stick together all the time, through good and bad times. Naturally, you're still mine, Ben.

An Update About Taylor Behl: Remember I mentioned few days ago about the missing student at Virginia Commonwealth University which has lots of drama involved. They finally found her decomposed body 50 miles east of Richmond in Mathews County. The cops confirmed that it was her. Now, where is that girl in Aruba? Still swimming?

Ahh, back to fixin' this 'puter -- any volunteers to fix this computer would be appreciated, though.


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