Monday, October 17, 2005

Best Statement from Someone Else -- And I Hate Mom!

On Sarah & Kaybee's fridge in Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan, there is a line that reads:

"It's not God that I don't like. It's his fan club that I can't stand."

Truer words were never spoken!

Will you ever find something like this in DC? I found this on Rocco's I Probably Hate You blogsite -- he played rugby but wrote one funny blog of his own. This is great picture. Someday it'd be nice to see this happen right after the college or professional football game -- after these hot, sweaty plays ... you know the guys that tend to relax before hitting the showers? That is the scene I'm talking about. So intoxicating.

Oh, by the way, Mom called via the videophone to tell me that she found out that one of my friends has HIV and that she does not permit my friend to visit my parents' house at all. Because she does not want him to touch her things in the house.

I told her that she should die immediately and I'll be more than happy to piss on her gravesite. There is nothing in the world that would make me happy by pissing on her gravesite for what she said about my friend.

She said that HIV originated from homosexuals. Mom said that the preacher from her Richmond First Baptist Church told her that "homosexuals started it all" and that she feels I am wrong and that she will make sure I'll never be part of my nephews/nieces' lives. How nice is that? What a compassionate fuck.

And some of you readers told me that I should respect my own Mother? Well, fuck y'all!


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