Thursday, October 27, 2005

I Love Dan Dickau's Hairdo

I Wanna Be Dan Dickau: The first time I laid my eyes upon Dan Dickau, I immediately liked his hairdo. When he ran down the court, his hair is so thick that you thought he was a mop-head or something. When he jumped in the mid-air, his hair did all the attention.

And that was many years ago when I first saw Dan Dickau. And now I'm trying to sport one like him as of now. It's thick -- I probably will need to cut a little on the sides, but on a general look, I want it to be cool and moppy like Dan Dickau. Any suggestion?

Heard About $8,000 Bill: A grapevine alerted me that Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel billed the Student Body Government at Gallaudet up to $8,000 for damages to the hotel where Gallaudet students mingled and wrecked. Look at the bright side, nothing is new, though.

Remember Sulu of Star Trek? Sulu, the famous character of Star Trek films and television series, was portrayed by George Takei. Anyway, George Takei came out of the closet. He's a queer and has a partner of 18 years. That is longer than Britney Spears did, though.

Why Capitalism Sucks? Look at ExxonMobil's Third Quarterly Report -- they said that they earned 75% increase in profit. And it indicated what? Greed. When people attacked ExxonMobil, they attempted to deflect the issues by saying that all oil companies are doing the "same thing".

Todd Bertuzzi Should Be In Prison: Vancouver Canucks' Todd skated and stalked after Colorado Avalanches' Steve Moore two years ago and ambushed Steve from behind. The result is that Todd broke Steve Moore's neck. Then NHL suspended him for only 13 games before the NHL season was cancelled. IN other words, Todd was virtually never punished harshly for the sins he commited in its name. Todd was let go with a "probation" in cheap-assed British Columbia. Todd sobbed on the national television after a heavy uproar about his actions. Todd brought his wife and said that he was "not that bad person. It just happened."

He sobbed because he was sorry more about himself, than about what happened to Steve Moore. But that does not matter as of now because he is free to play whatever he wanted to do.

What the fuck? It was a premediated assault -- the sport, hockey, glorified fights. Now, Todd continues to skate away with millions of dollars and will play for Canada in Winter Olympics. How disgrace is that? What about Steve Moore? He is in rehabilitation, his chances to play in the NHL is unlikely.

It is my hope that Steve Moore will sue Todd Bertruzzi in the court in order to wipe out his finances. Thanks to Todd's brutality, Steve will never have an opportunity to be Wayne Gretzky or Eric Lindros. How nice is that? That fucker deserved to be in the prison.

And the Avalanches fans seemed to agree when the Canucks came to play them last night. The Avs ran off with 6-2 win but each time Bertruzzi touched, people booed and cursed him to no end. There was a woman who wore the Bertruzzi jersey at the game, someone dumped beer on her head. Good riddance. That bitch knew better than to wear that jersey in Denver!

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