Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Interlude 3

The digging continues as he beat and crawled throughout the tunnel, heading upwards -- his anger building up -- soon to be free, to exact the vengeance ...

Interlude 3 ends

Yesterday, after work, I walked through the Tompkins Square Park -- I was in daze and something strucked me. I looked around the park -- I realized that I was in the center of the park -- as trillions of snowflakes falling around us. I tossed my bag down on snow-covered ground. I reached out to the sky with open hands. I felt like a god who did this magnificent work.

Was that great?

About snow, I already endured several snowstorms when I am in NYC -- one thing I hated about NYC related to the snow is its slush right AFTER the snowstorms. At the corner of every street, you have to be careful, wary and cautious! What the ground looks like wet, but it is probably 3 inches deep of dirty watery slush where you can plunge your whole shoe down completely. Absolutely AWFUL feeling. Happened to me ONCE but not again.

One thing I disliked the most about East Village is ... lots of yellow spots and frozen turds on the snow. by sidewalk. Such a hideous greeting, really. Want me to send the frozen turds to Beth? Or better yet, Chlms?


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