Monday, February 16, 2004

I love New York. It is difficult to explain except that my sex life has rocketed. It is easy to ask anyone, "I'm horny, anyone willing to help me out?" You'd see no hands raising up in DC or VA. But in NYC, they maul you down if you need someone to get you off.

Last Saturday, let's say ... I got laid on 14th of February -- that is Chlms' birthday and that Valentine's Day thing. My first time to get laid on 14th. Awesome.

Oh, by the way, happy birthday, Chlms! You fakey ho in Arizona!

I went to Kate Breen's palace in West Side for the Goulash Event. Among the participants were: Sarah, Kate, Web, Lil Joe, CMK, K.R. and few others as well -- it was nice and cozy. Got a chance to watch Sex and the City and the Iron-Jawed Angels. Great film. Oh, yeah. Gotta tell you something -- I was amused that Kate and Sarah (who are the Hostesses of the Goulash event, they had to put the drinks, meats or anything that needs to be kept cold -- outside of their windows on the emergecy stairways because their fridge are broken -- suffice to say, we had to bring our sodas and beers back in because the weather (20f) was too cold and these drinks would explode. :-)

Oh, yeah. My roommate moved out! And she left an unused bottle of Nair. I always had been curious about it -- so I brought it to the Goulash Event and had Joe use Nair on my fucking back -- the upper part. And it fell out. Very nice and cool. I think I will use this product to swipe these pesky back hair off the map.

Oh, last Friday night, I went to The Puffin Room to watch Darrin, a guy whom I really liked very much but I dont think he liked me that much -- too bad, though -- he used to be hearing but somehow his hearing gradually declined so I'd classify him as Deaf, despite the fact that he can dance. yeah, he dances for a group at The Puffin Room. Cyn, Alberto and I snickered, snickered and snickered at the 2nd scene of 4 dances. I swear that these dancers from the second scene escaped from some hospital's mental ward.

Shortly, Darrin performed. I was enamored and fascinated with his passion. Then he shocked me -- know what he did? He sat on my laps when he took few minutes' break from the dancing ... I was in the audience, motherfucker. He sat on my lap -- I saw his left hand -- it was penned with some phone numbers -- obviously, some guys hitting on him earlier. I pointed at that. He slapped my hand lightly and said to watch the show. I grinned.

He was sweating, panting and smelt good. You know you read the books, if you smell a guy and liked it instanteously, you knew he is the one for you. Well, I thought he was the one but I'm tired of trying to doing something while he does not do a thing.

Let me describe what Darrin looks like. He is 5'8 or so, brown hair, green eyes maybe, definitely a twink but has a hairy chest (a huge plus for me) and a mellow attitude -- a little of lazy bastard that you'd detect out of Terry, Beth's brother up in Michigan.

But at times, I'm tired of doing all the works. Why can't I be *chased*? It is OK that I ask for a fuck or two -- but it seems to me that finding a boyfriend permanent in a gay world is definitely hard thing to do.

ahh, life sucks but I move on.

Oh, yeah, Tabitha is returning to New York this weekend -- yay.


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