Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bitch Session XVII

Disclaimer: The comments were written by many readers. I simply copied and pasted the comments on the entry. You may defend your turf by firing back. As always, names and email addresses will be removed. Only comments will be posted. You can compliment or offend anything or anyone else. Confidentiality is assured 100%. Enjoy!

Don't be a Marbie Doll!

Rex, the bomb sniffer dog, sure did understood Bush's State of Union speech. ARF!

Joy, you crazy gal, you rock my world! From one of your fans!

Heather WhiteStone, I find you to be distasteful, and a pussy because you choose to ignore a wonderful side of yourself, your deafness. You only see it as a handicap and its folks like you that give the rest of us deafies a bad rep. Please grow up! Cochlear Implant doesnt make you hearing, anymore than Michael Jackson is white.

I secretly hate Chuck Baird for giving me an C in Intro. To Drawing class because I drew much better than him... He drew a stupid cat while I drew a hot guy with a monstrous cock. Perhaps because it had forbiddingly aroused him.

Sam, you tried to rip me off finacially, you tried to kick me out, you tried to bombard me with stupid ass emails, and guess what, I'm still here. Go fuck yourself and crawl back to the trailer youre from in WVA!

RT got it right about Aubrecht -- that woman deserved to be trashed!

Abenchuchan Boy, congratulations. Be sure to preserve your ass during your pledge probation. After all, it belonged to me.

Until you learn that you get what you give, dont come crying to me and expecting me to bend over for you to fuck me up the ass! After the kid smeared shit on the bathroom walls, after the roaches multiplied because you cant wash your fucking dishes, after the psychotic bitch from last year verbally abused me, I have no sympathy left for you at all.So let me sing, sign, yell, mime, write, do interpretative dance all to say the same thing, "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

Oh my goodness! Who died and made McWeenie king??

Chris Corrigan, one damn HOT guy on campus and why is that troll following him? Oh! Milana!

Haha DS is pledging Kappa Gamma! It should keep his hair short and his fly zipped shut for a while. His hair last year was scary. Maybe he really is becoming a man now?

Weenie and Whale have very strange priorities! They both need to get a life.

DSP?! Your pledge announcement = Lamest scene in gally history

Please pardon Nanc's drunken celebrations this week. After all, her Steelers won it all.

Tanya is one hot mama!

Sarah I miss you so much, I think about you often and you're not far from my heart. NYC isnt the same without you! I miss our talks, comparing sex lives and I just MISS YOU Pack!

William Schmidt, why did you cut your hair?? It was so cute before.

Muslims at Gallaudet needs to shut up and show some respect and gratitude that they are in this country. Who gives a fuck about drawing a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, really? There is more issues to deal with than to whine about cheap cartoons!

Ricky you hot studmuffin, I wuv you and am addicted to your blog. You're not allowed to go more than 2 days without blogging! Its your God's given power, use it for good and to better mankind like you've been doing! mwah!

Roy Ricci is awesome--his art is so fab fab fab. Can't wait to see his show with Muck as special guest artist in two weeks!

Brokeback Mountain's open-captioned films still has not been distributed at all. Why is that we have to be apathetic when it comes to things like this?

We should be glad that Dr. I. King Jordan is going to be retired -- he is responsible for instilling many bad people that perpetuated the audism practices at Gallaudet!

i *heart* ty giordano!

Anyone saw Tate's comments about Brokeback Mountain? "I hurt myself." -- Priceless.

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