Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So Much Things To Do, So Little Time To Blog ...

Yes, that is true. it is nice to be back at Gallaudet. I met so many old faces and friends on and off the campus. It was nice to see them up and running. I could go on and on and on ... but time is so limited. So I'll cover what is needed to be addressed.

blogACTIVE Warns Repubican Senator: Mike Rogers of blogACTIVE has issued a warning to the certain Republican Senator here in the Nation's Capitol that if he voted for any anti-gay legislation, he will be massively outed for his oral sex activities at Union Station! This is the best -- this particular senator is married! Hat tip to Lambykins.

ExxonMOBIL Nets Nearly $11 Billion: ... IN PROFITS! Wait a minute -- was it they who said that they had to increase the oil prices because of this, that and there? And yet, they produced enormous profits. Let's face the music, they are mocking at us. We need to do something about it. Did you notice something? When I was a child, there was TV commercials by Exxon. These days, you do not see one. Know why? These oil companies knew we needed them more than they do for us!

Shut Up, Muslims! Muslim Extremists are decrying about the cartoon that was produced by a company in Denmark. They pressured the Arab countries to boycott the Danish nation when they said that they do not prosecute the freedom of speech. Good for Denmark! For a long time, Muslims had mocked others for their beliefs and when someone joked about theirs, they cried a huge river. I am all for respect and dignity but this is silly, Muslims need to do something else than to decry this shit. My hats off to Denmark for being firm in this manner.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Among my best friends are from Seattle and Pittsburgh. I want Seattle to win. But at the same time, I want Nanc's Steelers to win just to see her react like a wild monkey. I can imagine her going haywire over this. She is bona fide Steelers fan. My prediction? Seahawks 31, Steelers 28.

Umm, Am I Supposed To Smile At This? I think it is not funny. I think this is lame, simply put. Hat tip to Philip.

Remember Vonetta Flowers? Few months ago, I mentioned about Vonetta Flowers being the first African American to win a gold medal in Winter Olympics. I also mentioned that she has a deaf son. She recently took her son to Italy to do some more damages to his head, as expected. Hat tip to Karen von Pills.

To have A Deaf Family Is Nice, But 11?! I'm not sure if having 11 deaf children are good idea. Another Visco in the making, I guess? But this article should be commended for not portraying such a negative image on Deaf family in general. In fact, it was very cute and positive. Hat tip to PJ.

Bitch Session Due This Friday: Wanna bitch at someone else? You know the drills.

Bored? Wanna See Jokes In ASL? Check this link -- look for "Videos for Jokes" on your right side.

Whatever Happened to the Freedom of Speech? Arrested Cindy Sheehan for wearing anti-war t-shirt, and kicked Beverly Young out of the Gallery for wearing pro-war t-shirt -- what does it spells for our so-called Freedom of Speech -- of course, it is blatantly violation of our freedom. Of course, it is allowed under the Bush regime! Either way, nobody cared about the State of the Union -- I even missed it. I did not care. I mean -- who cares?! Evidently, the press do not. For God's sake, they covered Cindy and Beverly's antics more than Bush's comments! Hat tip to Karen von Pills.

DC's DPHH: This Friday, I shall be at Crystal City Sports Pub for its DPHH function -- feel free to stop by and say hey. Today at Gallaudet, many people complained that I hadn't blogged in the last few days. I apologized for that, it is just that I was overwhelmed with many things. I met old friends -- met new faces including ... the fabled Alex Abenchuchan. He's good as advertised ... I think!

Next Entry Is All About MICA Runway 2006! Be prepared. I got enormous information to entertain the readers -- of course, I will be in attendance and you should be, too!

Confidential To McWeenie & Whale Fatterson: Both of you are impudent to start with. I think the idea of whining about one's tendencies is a sign of desperation. All roads must come to an end, and you both have reached the end of yours. Your lies wouldn't fool a child, in turn, you had to attempt some kind of amusing rhetoric to attack me directly and indirectly on your websites, comments and emails. Let's face the reality, you guys lost. I am simply beyond you both. Next!



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