Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2.8.06 Tidbits I

Soldier Forced To Pay For Armor: In Charleston, West Virginia, a soldier was medically discharged from Fort Hood, Texas after being injured in a roadside bombing in Iraq. Then he was billed for the damage to the armor that he wore during the explosion. He was billed for $700. The local paper, The Charleston Gazette picked up on this subject. Then John Aravosis of, a prominent liberal blogger, mentioned this and opened the donations to help William "Eddie" Rebrook.

Boom! $5,400 in all. And many dirty conservatives and whiny Republicans said that the Liberals hated the USA Armed Forces? I personally disliked the Armed Forces but in a period of struggle, I'm all for it. And the best part is that ... no Conservative/Republican has mentioned about this at all. I can vouch that they are not real patriots as they claimed to be.

The link from also crashed The Charleston Gazette's server a while ago. There was an uproar in Charleston area where the prominent figures wondered what's wrong with the US Armed Forces. Suddenly, today, in Fort Hood, Texas -- they announced that this man will be reimbursed for $700.

But the point is ... why attempt to bill him in the first place when he was injured, serving for the United States?

Shut Up Conservatives & Republicans! Many conservative & Republican bloggers are trying to make a big deal that folks at Coretta Scott King's funeral, people took an opportunity to criticize GW Bush in his face. I say, go for it! Know why? GW Bush clamored that he's all for freedom of speech but often used his powers to block his detractors away as far as can be. Some Conservatives and Republicans attempted to speak for Coretta Scott King that she would be disgusted at how "Liberals" and "Democrats" used her funeral to punch in GW Bush's face. Please get a clue. Coretta probably are smiling right now, knowing that the opportunity is there for others to bombard GW Bush of his policies. It was fun reading some conservative bloggers who whined about this. Grow a spine, I say.

Spell This: I W-I-L-L S-U-E Y-O-U! Very amusing article.

Brokeback Mountain Captioned But Not Right Now: On February 19, that is. That would make 72 days, equalivent to more than 10 weeks (2.5 months) of waiting for the film to be open captioned so that Deaf people can watch. The first place to show the captioned film of Brokeback Mountain is Rockville, Maryland. For further information, check this website. Hat tip to Aaron.

Oh, Good Riddance to Lance:
I never liked Lance Armstrong. I was disgusted with his antics. Especially when he was ill, his wife took care of him. Then he got healthy, he divorced her for Sheryl Crow. Now Sheryl Crow dumped Lance. I'm so glad.



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