Friday, February 10, 2006

2.10.06 Tidbits

Ex-Giants Not Allowed In Super Bowl: In Detroit, former NFL lineman for New York Giants, Roy Simmons, who eventually came out of the closet as gay and HIV Positive, has claimed that the Super Bowl in Detroit denied him the press credentials to get in while others received them.

On Second Thought, Ex-NFL Player OK With His Gay Son: This is very charming article about the former NFL player's gay son.

My Letter To Style Richmond Two Weeks Ago: I do recall writing a letter to the Style Richmond (mini-Village Voice from New York or DC's City Paper) about Brokeback Mountain. I kinda forgot about it until my hearing sister mentioned it last night. I found the link. I did my part, did you?

On Second Thought, Who Wants To See ... ? Heath Ledger's penis? Then click on this. [Work not safe, of course!]

Oh, This Is Not Good: Former President James Carter's son is vying to be the US Senator, representing the state of Nevada, against Republican John Ensign. I'm not sure if this is good idea at all. Hat tip to Karen von Pills.

Wayne Gretzkly Scandal: Apparently, the authorities in New Jersey is sacking several people including Wayne Gretzky's close friend, Rich Tocchet because of its nationwide gambling on basketball and football. Wayne Gretzky is the icon of hockey. Now the reports are coming out that Wayne's wife was very active in gambling, spent more than $500,000 to that. Umm. Wayne claimed that he was not part of this at all.

My response: Bullshit.

Turino Olympics 2006: Like I told some friends, if I was a hearing person and lived in the northern states or Canada, I might be a speedskater. I seem to enjoy the sport more than anything else. Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. For some reasons, I'm not motivated to check it out. I'm more motivated about 2007 Winter Deaflympics in Salt Lake City!

Richmond DPHH: Tomorrow night at Capital Ale House, my sister is organizing the first Richmond Deaf Professional Happy Hour. It should be interesting. At first, Hedy and I talked about it. She thought about getting one in West End, I told her not to, mainly because since it is first time, it is always better to centralize it by going back to Downtown. And Capital Ale House is perfect place, really.

Virginia vs. Duke: Tonight, Duke will host Virginia in Durham (women's basketball, of course), hope the luck is in for Virginia to pull the upset over Duke. After all, Maryland beat No. 1 UNC last night by 3 in an overtime. Anything can happen in the ACC. Or not.

Nerve Agent? Few days ago, there was a nerve agent scare in the US Capitol. I suspect it was a way to derail something important -- like ex-FEMA Chair Mike Brown, who just told the Committee that GW Bush *knew* the levees were breached on the first night when Katrina battered Louisiana. GW Bush claimed he did not know. Another lie on GW Bush's part. As usual.



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