Sunday, February 12, 2006

And What Is Tim Kettering?

Who is he? That guy, Tim Kettering, is pure anal retentive. When I first knew of him at Gallaudet, he was in the closet. In fact, he vehemently denied that he is pure faggot.

Not that I was interested in him, I never find him attractive at all. He is what I termed: A twink wannabe. Naturally, people are prone to make fun of others' based on appearances, intelligence or social skills. I'm very certain that there are some people that made fun of me at times. So making fun of Tim was easy, though. He's what you'd call: Pizzaface because of his bad acne all over his face.

Basically, he was rude, abrasive and condescending towards anyone else. In other words, he lacked civility and respect for others who disagreed with him. At Gallaudet, he made fun of gays when he was in the closet. Then he left school, and conveniently came out of the closet.

I think he is intelligent and ... bitter. Especially towards people that he did not like nor agree with. And I'm one of these people that he loathed. I thrive on the fact that he despised me just because I said as it is.

When I posted the poll in my last entry regarding the new blogsite, I withheld several names from being mentioned on the poll because I suspected that people like Tim Kettering would go out of his way to purchase the sites to block me from getting it. And my suspicion was correct. Tim Kettering of 1317 R Street, NW in Washington, DC purchased all names that I mentioned on the poll. Good thing he fell for that bait.

I'm so thankful I took out about 4 names off the list because I expected people like you, Tim Kettering, to do the exact thing!

Tim always claimed that I was vicious and all that, but in this situation, who started it all? Tim Kettering. I think I'll leave the readers to judge what kind of person Tim Kettering is. Oh, by the way, this is not the first time that Tim Kettering has done stuff like that to me. I never started anything at all with him. It is always him that started things with a malicious approach. I do not think I even mentioned what kind of person he is on my blog in the last three years, and Tim managed to irritate me at times.

And I have some friends who, unfortunately, are also friends with Tim, they seemed to be oblivious to the fact that Tim is anal retentive at its best. Perhaps, this should serve as a warning to others that Tim could do that to anyone else who disagreed with him.

What kind of person is Tim? A pure coward faggot who could not deal with me upfront but is able to irritate me like a fucking gnat at times. Childish and pitiful character, though.

Oh, by the way, I purchased a new site! In time, I'll be ready to operate a new blogsite. Wish me luck!



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