Tuesday, February 14, 2006

When My Scrotum Is Loose And Hot ...

I already mentioned a while ago that I noticed that if I feel my scrotum being too hot, loose and uncomfortable, it means one thing: I'm going to be sick with something else. True biz, I was sick on Sunday and Monday. Today, it is Valentine's Day. And Chlms' birthday.

Happy Birthday, Chlms!

Did you hear about Dick Cheney shooting "his friend", Mr. Whittington in his face, despite the fact that he wore a blazed orange jacket in quail hunting? Dick Cheney said that he did not see Mr. Whittington. He did not bother to inform the press for 18 hours and it took a private citizen, not the Office of Vice-President, to notify the press that Dick has shot someone else in the face. And I think it was justified that the White House Press Corps was relentless on Scott McClellan for dogging on press' inquiries.

And it amused me to no end when I read entries on different blogs that they attempted to compare Cheney's shooting with Ted Kennedy's incident 20 years ago. It is so old. The matter was investigated and closed. Case closed. Finish! Done! Why is that the Conservative pigs and dirty Republicans are still on Ted Kennedy's incident, even after 20 years? It proved one thing about conservatives and Republicans -- they are so obsessed and into mudslinging factors. Grow a spine. The press reserved the right to question the 18-hour span between the shooting and the notification, it has nothing to do with left, right, conservative or liberal.

Suppose if it happened to an ordinary citizen, they would be punished immediately. Hypocrisy, is it?

Ahh, I love speedskating events at Turin Olympics. I wish we have that in Deaflympics. I once asked Dwight Benedict why we do not have it, he said that we need to have five or more countries to participate in that contest, otherwise, no event at all. I like speed. It looks beautiful, graceful and perfect. Ahh! Double cheers to Chad Hedrick and Joey Cheeks.

Back to work on my new blogsite!



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