Thursday, February 02, 2006


MICA RUNWAY 2006 is slated to happen on Saturday, June 16, 2006. Perhaps the most surprising thing about itself is its location -- it will be held at crobar, a massive nightclub geared towards gay men and open-minded persons.

I had been to crobar before. It is fun, huge and great. I'm certain that the MICA participants and supporters will enjoy the rest of the day and night at crobar!

Ridor To Support MICA Runway 2006: Since I'm enthusiastic supporter of MICA Runway 2006, it is only fair that I promote this on my blogsite from now on until June 16, 2006. I also offered them the option of blogging about any updates and announcements from the MICA Runway 2006.

Naturally, I shall be at MICA Runway 2006 to observe but not interfere -- and report it from there.

Its website is if you want to look around.

The theme of the MICA Runway 2006 is "As in Art ... be Daring, Avant-Garde, Guerilla, Creative, and Innovative."

MICA Runway 2006 To Set Up Scholarship for Sarah Marie Pack: Bravo to the Committee of MICA Runway 2006 for setting up the scholarship for Sarah Pack, a dear friend of mine who passed away suddenly last November. Check its website for further information on the Sarah Marie Pack Writing Award.

MICA Runway 2006' Call for Open Casting: The Executive Committee of MICA Runway 2006 is open to the auditions for anyone over 5'7 feet tall. Plus size models are welcome! Please contact for further information on modelling audition.

MICA Runway 2006' Prices: $100 per person. $250 for VIP Ticket.

Naturally, there will be updates on this in the near future. Stay tuned.



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