Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Should Slap Your Head Off, Allison Aubrecht!

Allison, people often told me behind your back that you're one incredibly whiner and liar. I care less about that. Because it does not affect me at all. It is your business to lie and whine, really. After all, this is free country.

But for you to say that I'm a troublemaker is something else, honey! Nothing is far from the truth.

You claimed that I did things despicable to Jake. I challenge you to prove it. All I did was to free him from the lies that he buried himself with -- by coming clean to his former wife whom he cheated on for months. Yes, I caught him in bed with that $1.29 slut by the name of Brooke Budzinski. Yes, Jake asked me to keep a secret from my own best friend (who happens to be his former wife) -- which absolutely goes against my very rule, I do not keep secrets from my best friend. I literally forced Jake to confess everything or I will. If you regard that as a form of troublemaking, then by all means, I am one!

I never went to his funeral and memorial services because that $1.29 slut whined a huge river about it, besides I had other plans on that day. So your claims that I plan to interfere is utterly ridiculous, Allison Aubrecht. In fact, Jake and I chatted online before he died. So I kinda knew the routine but for you to claim that I did this, that and there is silly, m'dear.

Coincidentally, today is 3rd anniversary of Jake Temby's death. Bet you a dollar you did not know about that, Ally? Today I saw you at Results DC Gym, and you actually fled the gymnasium after seeing me, eh? You were afraid of me, Allison Aubrecht. In fact, you told someone else that you could not believe that I was at the gym and you said you would not come back to the gym. You know what they say about liars and troublemakers? They often avoid the persons they bashed upon. Essentially, I should have confronted you about your lies. But lucky for you, I was busy doing the cardio.

You may run all you want, Allison. But at least, what people said about you initially is something that I believed as of now. You're truly a good liar, Allison Aubrecht! And I hope people knew what kind of person you are.



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