Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Introducing the Kuhn Triplets!

Thanks to Larry Gray's comments about my fraternity brothers. Chris, Curt and Craig Kuhn are the identical triplets of Ursa, Illinois -- now Jacksonville, Illinois.

Travis Imel and I once drove to Jacksonville, Illinois. Don't think anyone else from NYC can survive in Jax. It is very boring town -- believe it or not, there are MANY video stores to choose from. That says a lot.

Anyway, the Kuhn triplets also are my pledge brothers. We pledged together in '95 or '96. I'm not sure which one, sorry. But it was hysterical, blast and awesome experience. After the first few days, I could not identify which one is Craig, Curt or Chris but after that ... it's easy. Curt has a scar on his nose, Craig is arrogant dude that any fags in East Village would die for, Chris is laid-back, quiet and calculating. They were pretty inseparable, to say the least.

Seeing the picture in an article made me miss them a little.

To play the game -- can you tell me who's who in this picture and answer it in the comment section? Which one is Chris, Curt and Craig?

Love you, Chris, Craig and Curt!!


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