Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Some Gossip from Gallaudet, What Else Is New?

NOTE: I did not search for the information. When I said I shall find out, I already got 4 emails and messages from different people, ready to supply me the information. If you know the Economics 101, it is all about supply and demand.

Well, well. The information is sketchy at its best. There was two freshmen, Laura and Megan, who were guarding the burial between Peet Hall and the library. Apparently, 10 girls and one boy were in a truck. They were drunk and ran over two freshmen who were guarding the burial from vandalism for a night. Both freshmen were injured. It was driven by my best friend's sister. Which, of course, made me roll my eyes.

I'm sure I will gather more information on this later.

On other hand, last night, Benis and I chit-chatted on the bus for two hours without moving at all. We got to Chinatown at 8:48 PM and the bus does not leave until 11 PM. It was cold and raining. So we just sat and chatted. Too bad we did not make out just to aggravate Aaron from Charlottesville. ;-)

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