Tuesday, May 11, 2004

These Are Wicked

I was delighted to learn that the Broadway play, Wicked, was nominated in ten categories including the Best Actress in Idina Menzel. I think she deserved it. I also learned that it was the most expensive production of all in Broadway. Makes sense if you look at these decorations. It was stunning.

Check Beth's blogs about some fuckin' anti-deaf folks out there writing against us. They are indeed scary. They made me want to sic Osama bin Laden on them.

Speaking of these Islamic crazies, I wonder if there will be an outcry about the American being beheaded by these barbaric men that Surdus defended!

Now this beheading is worse than these prison abuses, I say -- fuck 'em. If they want barbaric things, let's give it to them! NUKE the whole place!

The majority of these fools are hearing people. I should say, "More power to them to kill each other, so that Deaf people can bypass them for jobs, promotions, et al."

But again, the planet continues to revolve. It never cared for anyone who died or not. Had been that way for millions of years, and shall be that way for another few billions years.


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