Thursday, May 06, 2004

This, there and THAT!

Few thoughts to ponder today.

The Army scandal in Iraqi prison, Abu Gahrib where some soldiers forced or humiliated the Iraqi prisoners to stimulate sexual acts, to molest each other ... it makes the Republicans and Pentagon officials stupid than ever when they refused to permit gays in the military.

But again, I always believed that any Armed Forces in any country are barbaric -- they were trained to be like that. They were and still are barbaric even if they got the medals for whatever they did -- they are still destroying, killing and maiming everyone else in the process.

Again, what happened in Iraq already cemented what the Arabs said -- it is an occupation of some sorts.

Ahh. Manny and Merritt stayed with me for two nights in a row. It was fun. Took them to many places as can be. They just left today. Ask them for details if you dare.

Few pictures to show y'all.

Darlene, my good friend, went to Tokyo, Japan for several months and had this picture that I thought are so cute. Yes, these little girls are Deaf, is it obvious?

I posted two extra pics of myself -- one was taken yesterday when I was eating some lo mein in my boss' office at work. I look so fugly, don't I? And Lee from Wisconsin emailed me an old picture of us partying at Badlands, now known as The Apex.

Enjoy it while you can!


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